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Transfer Requirements The State Patrol is a competitive yet engaged Police Department that upholds professionalism and integrity. Due to the nature of our competitive department, transfers will be reviewed and looked at carefully to ensure that fairness is received for both parties. Please make sure you read this list below and acknowledge that you fulfill all the criteria required. Please note a thorough check will be done once you submit your transfer request, this includes but is not limited to; Track record, all employee files, punctuality, dedication, commitment, disciplinary file, time spent in department and so forth.

Should you have lied on your transfer request you will be punished accordingly and your current employer will be notified.

Transfers are only accepted from the Los Santos Police Department at the moment.

Requirements for Transfers
  • Must have been employed in previous department for a minimum of 6 months
  • Must have NO disciplinary action taken against you
  • Must be willing to go through re-training if necessary
  • Must have been apart of at least one division during previous employment
  • Must have all present documentation, please see format for what is requested of you
  • Must meet all recruitment & training requirements (these are general for joining the department)

Should your request be accepted you will be required to take an exam and successfully pass the exam to gain a position within the SASP. Rank will be issued dependent on a few factors;

  • Previous employment experience
  • Previous rank
  • How well you do on your exam

This is just a general list of some logical stuff, there will also be other factors that will be introduced to you upon your application submission.

Please use the format given for transfers and note that these regulations & rules can be adjusted at anytime without notice.

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