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Reinstatements Reinstatement is only applicable if you were previously employed by one of the following entities;
- San Andreas State Patrol

If you happen to have been honorably discharged from the San Andreas State Patrol then you will be eligible to reinstate, however, if the discharge was dishonorable you will have to conduct a disciplinary hearing in order to address any issues that may impede the decision and outcome of your reinstatement.

  • You must not have any current or outstanding criminal charges regardless of severity.
  • You must have reached a rank higher than a Trooper Cadet.
  • Must have previously had a good & clean standing employment record.

Please Note: Reinstatement's do not have a set time limit on how long it will take to process. Some reinstatement's require a thorough background evaluation and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific time-frame on when your reinstatement will be processed. Furthermore, previous employment within the department does not guarantee any type of reemployment.

If my reinstatement gets denied
Should your reinstatement get denied please allow 7 business days before reapplying again. This gives you time to reflect on the reasoning for your rejection and to address any issues that may have occurred at the time of your reinstatement application.

If my reinstatement gets accepted
Once your reinstatement has been fully processed (a post will be attached to your form once this is complete) you will be invited to visit the San Andreas main Downtown precinct so that we can issue your standard duty equipment and discuss any departmental changes that may have occurred at the time you were absent. You may be required to complete additional training or in class theory courses.

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