[SASP] Training Phases

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Training Information

Academy Education (AE)
Welcome to the San Andreas State Patrol Education Center. Here at the education center we offer a vast amount of information that will be relevant to your position as a sworn Trooper. It is imperative that you pay attention to every single detail during your time here in the Education Center as it will give you all the ins and outs of being safe, responsible and upholding the integrity of the department.

*Please note the academy will consist of 4 hour(s) maximum depending on how efficient and quick everyone is learning. It is important that you can separate a minimum of 4 hour(s) out of your day to attend this academy. If you cannot attend the specified academy please notify your training instructor and you will be assigned to the next available academy session. There will be 3 separate academies on 3 separate days, you may select which day you would like to attend and best suits your schedule.

Phase I (AE) (T)heory
  • Introduction
  • Information & Guidelines
  • Theory review
  • Practical Information
  • Quiz (multiple choice 10 questions)

Phase II (AE) (P)hyiscal
  • Introduction
  • Physical review
  • Physical examination

Phase III (AE) (E)xamination
  • Introduction
  • Review of up-coming exam
  • Review of all procedures and protocols
  • Review of training
  • Chain of Command training