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Internal Affairs Report an Employee

General Information
The purpose of Internal Affairs is to ensure the integrity and professionalism of our employees. To ensure the department is meeting the standards set by the Administration, the State and the Public. As this is a public service entity, any complaint sent to the Internal Affairs team will be reviewed. All legitimate complaints regarding general complaints or concerns, quality of service, and crimes will be investigated.

Government Employees This form is not for you, as a Government Employee of any kind, you are expected to use your chain of command to report other employees. If your immediate command is the person whom you are reporting, please skip to the next supervisor. If you are reporting someone higher on the chain of command, please notify your immediate supervisor, do not jump the chain of command. If you are reporting someone from another agency, follow your chain of command. Agencies have liaisons between them to handle complaint submissions.

Rights to know as a civilian Civilians have the right to know the status of their complaints, specific details may and will be withheld until the investigation is complete. Updates regarding the investigation of their complaint are mandatory at specific milestones. Our process is to immediately assign an investigator once the complaint is determined legitimate. The investigator then has 48 hours from time of assignment to schedule appointments with relevant individuals. The interviews will take place in the next 7 days from the time of complaint. Although some issues could arise, 14 days is the absolute maximum interviews can take place. If the accused is being uncooperative or dodging of the interview, the complaint is deemed successful. After interviews are complete, the Internal Affairs team provides a recommendation to Executive Staff for action. At this point, the investigation is no longer in the hands of Internal Affairs. A decision is made by Executive Staff and Internal Affairs will enforce the decision. Once all is complete, notification will be provided to the plaintiff within 48 hours from the time of the decision, unless otherwise ordered by Executive Staff. All punishments and decisions are made by Executive Staff, it is their choice to consider public's influence on said punishments and decisions.

Valid complaints and concerns Complaints and concerns are very different types of reports, as Internal Affairs we handle them different. A complaint is when there is tangible evidence of a Trooper's actions. A concern is when there is simply a suspicion of wrong doing by a Trooper. When a complaint is determined to be legitimate, the Trooper is question is immediately suspended pending an Internal Affairs Investigation. A concern on the other hand, does not warrant such action from Internal Affairs. Both reports are given the same level of review and investigation but our steps to completion may vary.

Valid complaints require some sort of evidence, this evidence can include body cameras, dash cameras, or police reports. Although civilian provided evidence is more likely to be the best evidence, especially in the situation of corruption of a Trooper. If you are lacking evidence the complaint will be considered a concern.

Valid concerns are investigated the same way as a complaint. When you have a strong feeling that a Trooper is compromising one's integrity or professionalism you have every right for it to be addressed by the Internal Affairs team.
Filing a complaint Please use the link below, you only have to fill out the starred boxes. In the event you wish to provide more information, it will make our investigation easier to complete. In any event, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.