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State Police Jurisdiction
Our long term goal is to achieve a equal and bonded workforce that will benefit every Law Enforcement agency. With that being said, we have implemented a jurisdictional line for the State Police to abide by. State Police in technical terms does have jurisdiction everywhere therefore meaning you are not obstructed from responding to any call in any location in the State. However we are focused on creating equal and fair game play for everyone to enjoy not just us therefore we have implemented specific guidelines and regulations regarding primary responses to situations.

Please note the San Andreas State Police is a department for people who would like relaxed duties and professional role play. We are not a department that is continuously in pursuits, responding to 911 calls etc... We do respond to 911 calls but outside of the city or unless the PD requests our assistance in the city. If you are looking for a fast paced environment with continuous action please head over to the LSPD. Do not take this statement incorrectly, as stated, we do respond to 911 calls, pursuits etc just not every 5 minutes (unless there is over 1000 players online in which case you will be extremely busy).

Los Santos Police Department
  • Primary response in the city of Los Santos
  • Has jurisdiction on all city highways/interstates
  • Has jurisdiction in surrounding suburban areas such as Vinewood Hills and Murrieta Oil Fields
  • If pursuit leads out of city, they must radio in to the SASP and let them know that there is a pursuit coming out of the city

San Andreas State Police
  • Primary responses on highways, interstates and surrounding areas outside of the city
  • Primary response in the county
  • Is able to assist in the city or when requested by LSPD
  • If pursuit leads into city, must radio in to the LSPD and let them know that there is a pursuit coming into the city

San Andreas Sheriff's Department
  • To be determined

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